[Zope] Protecting Zope Code

Richard Jones rjones@ekit-inc.com
Thu, 4 Jul 2002 17:55:35 +1000

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002 5:51 pm, Max M wrote:
> Stylus wrote:
> >Can I protect my Zope code from being visible to users ? As far as I
> >know - once a user has access into the Zope development environment then
> >he can open the code of any ZPT or the third party products itself. Is
> >it possible to generate  compiled code in Zope ?
> If you have installed a Python product and it contains ie. a file called
> "myProduct.py" the first time zope is started a file called
> "myProduct.pyc" is created and placed next to the original file. This is
> a "compiled" Python file.
> You can then distribute the product containing only the *.pyc files.

... and decompyle can regenerate the source almost perfectly from *.py[c|o] 
files. If your bytecode is out there, your source is out there. You will have 
to come up with a much more elaborate scheme to protect your source. A strong 
license is a good start.