[Zope] Alternate storage for ZODB

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Thu, 04 Jul 2002 13:31:33 +0200

Thierry Florac wrote:

>I've seen here and there several articles about a replacement of the
>ZODB storage via an SQL backend, to store every Zope objects.
>Actually, I would like to test with a PostgreSQL storage, but I can't
>find any link anywhere to these kind of informations.
>Any link, advise or experimentation reports would be greatly

Please be aware of the common misunderstanding that Python objects are 
in some way converted to sql tables in this way.

What happens is that Python objects has their pickled representation 
stored in a text field in the relational db. So it is not so that you 
can pull out data from Zope via the db.

regards Max M


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