[Zope] ZClass export is not reliable (was: Dangerous permissions granted to Anonymous to allow ZClass instantiation?)

Milos Prudek milos.prudek@tiscali.cz
Thu, 04 Jul 2002 18:08:37 +0200


Your advice certainly helped me. Now that I recreated the ZClass
everything is OK. Thank you!

Conclusion: Using Export/Import to copy ZClasses from Zope 2.4.x to Zope
2.5.x sometimes results in very odd behavior. ZClass must sometimes be
created from scratch.


- when importing ZCatalog from Zope 2.4.x to Zope 2.5.x, Update Catalog
should be performed.

- when importing Python Scripts from Zope 2.4.x to Zope 2.5.x,
recompilation should be performed

Is this going to be addressed in Zope 2.6, or Zope 3?

  > It won't help you much, but I have had the same problems. I recreated
  > the ZClass and the problem went away.

  >> It seems that permissions such as Create class instances must be given
  >> to Anonymous so that Authenticated can create class instances. It seems
  >> impossible to only allow Authenticated to create class instances.

Milos Prudek