[Zope] Just for fun: Zope mail archive in Zope

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
05 Jul 2002 17:19:37 -0400

Inspired by the excellent speed and search results provided by
ZCTextIndex (the new text indexing software that will come with Zope
2.6), I've created a Zope maillist mail archive at
http://saints.homeunix.com:8080/ which has the following properties:

 - Runs on Zope 2.6 (Zope trunk, actually).

 - Fronted by Squid.

 - Uses ZCTextIndex to provide very accurate search results
   (search for "dtml-in" or "tal:content", for example).

 - Runs on a really nasty Celeron 700 that I can't believe actually

The Zope@ maillist is being archived in realtime and I've also
backloaded it with all Zope maillist messages since January 2002.

The site isn't permanent and may be down from time to time, but give it
a whirl and let me know what you think.

- C