[Zope] Knowledge Base type of product

Hung Jung Lu hungjunglu@yahoo.com
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 07:44:44 -0700 (PDT)


I am looking for some product that can store a
"knowledge database". Open-source or commercial (the
cheaper, the better), Zope or otherwise.

I simply need to store text files, and make them
searchable. I know that ZCatalog can kind of do the
job, I used it a few years ago, but back then the
search features were kind of limited (for instance,
two-word search was hard to implement, like when
searching for "correlation matrix": you don't want
files that contain "correlation" and/or "matrix", you
want files that contains the two words consecutively.
Also, back then, ZCatalog did not have "and", "or"
logical operators.) I don't know whether it's been
improved recently. (I know search engine is no easy

Ideally the product should allow some sort of failure
report (when some user looks up for certain keywords
and couldn't find anything), and also some basic
statistics, so that a human editor could improve the
hit scores, say, once a day or once a week. Anyway, I
am looking for something that is not 100% automated:
it would be great if some human editor assistance can
be incorporated to make the knowledge database's
output more reasonable.

I'd appreciate any pointers.


Hung Jung

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