[Zope] CMF / Plone Question

Oliver Marx oliver@tekk.dk
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 21:39:28 +0200


I want to get all the Plone Folders in the current Plone Folder.

After a cup of coffee I started out with:

<div tal:define="folders python:container.objectValues('Plone Folder')">

But it seems that "container" in this case allways is the portal root!?

To clear things up:

 - Partners
  - IBM
  - Oracle
  - HP

 - Resellers
  - Info-IT
  - ComputerCity
  - Just Hardware

When I am in root I want to get (Partners, Resellers).
When I am in Partners I want to get (IBM, Oracle, HP).
When I am in Resellers I want to get (Info-IT, ComputerCity, Just Hardware)

http://mysite/ gives me (Partners,Resellers)

http://mysite/Partners still gives me (Partners, Resellers)

Which obviously isn't what I want.

What am I missing?

Maybe I should say the the script is called from a customized


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