[Zope] OT: New job and vacation

Oleg Broytmann Oleg Broytmann <phd@phd.pp.ru>
Sun, 7 Jul 2002 22:12:40 +0400


   The company I was working for had been having financial problems and
finally was sold to a new investor. I am not going to join the new company and
now I am completely free. If someone wants to hire me as a telecommuter please
look at my CV (http://phd.pp.ru/My/resume.html mirrored at
http://phd.by.ru/My/resume.html and http://phd2.chat.ru/My/resume.html).

   Tomorrow I am starting to move the domain phd.pp.ru to another server.
Hence during next few days you may experince problems contacting me. If your
message about job offer, my programs, patches or such bounces - just wait a
day or two and retry.

   After the move I will take a rest for a week or two. I will put all my
subscriptions on hold, but I will check my personal mail at least every few

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