[Zope] tree tag's namespace

Jerome Alet alet@librelogiciel.com
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 09:50:03 +0200


I've got <dtml-tree> which branches_expr calls a method
which returns a list of mappings.

e.g. :

          { 'name' : 'jerome', 'age' : 72 },
          { 'name' : 'albert', 'age': 2},
now in the body of the tree tag, I want to access        
each mapping, i.e. push it onto the current namespace.

I've tried to add the "mapping" keyword, which works fine
for <dtml-in>, but with no luck.

I wanted to use the _.namespace() method, but I can't
access the tree's "pseudo-sequence-item".

is there a solution ?

if no, then could the 'mapping' keyword be added to the tree tag
and let it work like for dtml-in ? (I've looked at the code but
I really don't know how to do)

Any help appreciated

Thanks in advance

Jerome Alet