[Zope] dtml-in mapping, and sessions

Alejandro Fernandez ale@e-group.org
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 16:52:15 +0200


I'm trying to output reports based on the result of a database query
contained in a session variable.

It goes 

<dtml-in loopname mapping>
<dtml-var this><dtml-var that><dtml-var the_other><br>
<dtml-if "sequence-item > size">
If at the end of the current sequence size, summarise all further results:

<dtml-let other-this="other-this + 1" 
          other-that="other-that + 1"
          other-theother="other-the_other +1"
  <dtml-if sequence-end>
     <dtml-var other-this>
     <dtml-var other-that>
     <dtml-var other-theother>

The problem is that the variable is a session variable: this is I
think why anything like "<dtml-var sequence-step-size>" gives a key
error. Is there a way to de-map things when working with the sequence?



Alejandro Fernandez
Electronic Group Interactive