[Zope] SVGmodule almost working in Zope, a little help is needed

H.de.Wit@SFK.NL H.de.Wit@SFK.NL
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 17:58:43 +0200

Our SVG module is working in Python. It makes it rather easy to produce SVG
content from Zope.
It is not working totally, however. It is working as external method, but
this is not ideal, you need access to the server to
change scripts.

The idea is that you program in a python script with the classes that are
made available by the SVGdraw module.
This should be possible by the allow_module and allow_class possibilties by
making an extra folder in
the Products folder and add an __init__.py as well as the module itself

The content of the __init__.py is:

from AccessControl import allow_module, allow_class, allow_type
from AccessControl import ModuleSecurityInfo, ClassSecurityInfo
from Globals import InitializeClass

I tried several, also with all of the classes added, but this doesn't work:

Btw, if you are interested, here is a temporary place for a SVGdraw that is
a little changed especially for Zope:
A link to a slightly different version was published in the daily python
url in april, but it is now more mature.

When it works correctly i will make a proper place to download and an
installation instruction on zope.org (promised).

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