[Zope] ZPT ==> DTML conversion impossible?

Jaroslav Lukesh lsh@wo.cz
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 18:05:23 +0200


I was get following code sample from examples (Root
Folder/Examples/Navigation). It is working standalone, but I need no
<ul><li> tags, only simple <br> between listed items instead.

<div tal:define="siblings here/siblings.py">
    <ul tal:condition="siblings">
      <li tal:repeat="folder siblings">
        <a href="folder"
           tal:attributes="href folder/absolute_url"
           tal:content="folder/getId">folder id</a>
    <p tal:condition="not:siblings"><b>There are no sibling folders

I have no idea to get out <li><ul> tags from ZPT as shown here (except
generating <TR><TD> instead), so I decide to convert this piece of code to
DTML, which is much pretty. But I dont know ZPT and my conversion tryouts
are out :(

Many thanks,

             Jaroslav Lukesh