[Zope] Problem with BTreefolder, dictionaries and refresh/restart

Sven Rudolph rudolph@medical-tribune.de
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 20:34:39 +0200

Hello all,

I have a strange Problem with a little python product I have written. It inherits from BTreeFolder and has an additional Attribute 'test' which is of the type dictionary.

When I create a new instance of this Product, I can add a new key:value pair to the dictionary test.
-> {'a':'1'}
If I restart the server now or refresh my product, this dictionary entry still exists.

But if I add a new key:value pair to test (or two, or three) and restart the server or refresh my product, all new entrys are gone. Only the first entry {'a':'1'} persits.
If I try to change the first entry and restart or refresh, the changes to the first entry are gone too.

'test' seems to be static after the initial write access.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance

Sven Rudolph

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