[Zope] Newbie question on uploading/downloading files

Robert Rottermann robert@redcor.ch
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 21:05:39 +0200

Zope can not do that directly. I does not actually deal with the
os-filesystem but mimmics its own which resides in ZODB.
So if you want to deal with the "real" filesystem you have to write either
an external method or a product.
An external method would be something like this:

def createdir(path):
    """ a method to create a directory """
    import os
        return 'went well'
        return 'failed'

This  method you put into a file in Zopes Extensions directory (eg as
mkdir.py) from where you can access it as an external script.

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Subject: [Zope] Newbie question on uploading/downloading files

> I have a test site running which extracts records from an external
> database, displays them on a page, and allows updating of fields. So far
> good.
> Now I need to provide a way for the user to upload a file, list what files
> have been uploaded, and download a selected file. These files need to be
> stored in the server's file system (Windows 2000) and each is related to a
> record in the database by a primary key value (which is an integer).
> My strategy is to create a sub directory in the file system for each
> record, as it is being created, which is the primary key value. All
> associated uploads will go into that sub directory.
> First question is how do I create a sub directory in the server's file
> I have looked at the localFS product intending to pull techniques from it
> but I've just gotten more confused as I look at it. Any pointers to
> specific examples which would be better to look at? Any HowTo's which
> this stuff?
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