[Zope] Can't paste or rename some objects

Chad Nantais cnantais@rednaxel.com
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 02:43:01 -0400

When I try to rename or paste a folder object, I get this error:

   Error Type: Bad Request
   Error Value: The id "Pictures" is invalid--it is already in use.

Here's the folder structure

Cactus (Folder)
     AloeVera (CustomPlantProduct)
         Pictures (PhotoFolder)
             pic1.gif (Photo)
             pic2.gif (Photo)
         Tags (PhotoFolder)
             tag1.gif (Photo)
             tag2.gif (Photo)

I am trying to either rename Cactus folder to CactusOld or (preferably) 
copy/paste it to another folder in the site.  There are no conflicting 
Id's named 'Pictures' in my root folder.

Chad Nantais
Rednaxel Interactive