[Zope] Zope on Solaris 8?

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 09:41:33 -0400

Blurg wrote:

>My Zope instance won't run, when I issue start, I see it's creating a pid
>file, and then when I look in a process file, I don't see anything from
>Zope, and the pid isn't appearing in my process list.
>So, no logging and I don't have any info here.
>I saw the download was for Solaris 2.6, this means it's not usable for
>Solaris 8?
>Does someone has Zope running on Solaris 8 then?
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Zope will work fine on Solaris 8, but you might want to download the 
source release and make it yourself.  However, to do this, you'll need 
Python and a C compiler already installed.  You can get package files 
for those from the net.

Matt Kromer
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