[Zope] Re: [ZODB-Dev] zope xron and multithreading

Shane Hathaway shane@zope.com
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 15:14:30 -0400

Mitscher Dubreus wrote:
> PyServer Starts a C++ CORBA server.
> That's what I mean by keppe the hand. I can't do nothing else except if in 
> the command line I type "python PyServer.py&"
> So, into Zope, I need to start PyServer in a thread.

I've moved this discussion from zodb-dev to zope@zope.org.

What kind of server is PyServer?  Is it an HTTP server?  Is it an 
external method?  Should it be?  It's hard to answer the question 
without understanding what you're trying to do.


> On Tuesday 09 July 2002 01:05 pm, you wrote:
>>Mitscher Dubreus wrote:
>>>I'm using the Xron interface.
>>>I need to start several blocking python script processes form Zope.
>>>But I can not manage to start more than one.
>>>The first one keeps the hand, and I can do nothing else in the Zope
>>>interface. Does somebody knows how I could manage?
>>>Her's my XronDTMLMethod def inside the Xron Interface.
>>>---------------------------------------- Content-type: text/plain
>>><dtml-var expr="PyServer()">
>>>I would like to be able to start PyServer() and keep the hand in order to
>>>start something else.
>>>This doesn't seem to do multithreading.
>>What does PyServer do?
>>By "keep the hand", do you mean start a new thread?
>>Have you asked zope@zope.org?  (This mailing list is for ZODB only--you
>>should ask zope@zope.org instead.)