[Zope] Zope fail in STX rendering with national characters! (was STX rendering not conform HTML standards?)

Jaroslav Lukesh lsh@wo.cz
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:21:34 +0200

Hi Dieter,

Many thanks for Your fully qualified replies. Now I must try to set local=
under Win32 :(

Best Regards J. Lukesh

| Odes=EDlatel: Dieter Maurer <dieter@handshake.de>
| Jaroslav Lukesh writes:
|  > Source structured text:
|  > **bold =1B-B=EC=B9=E8=F8=BE=FD=E1=ED=E9**, *italics =EC=B9=E8=F8=BE=FD=
=E1=ED=E9* a _underline =EC=B9=E8=F8=BE=FD=E1=ED=E9_.=1B-A
|  >=20
|  > Rendered HTML output:
|  > **bold =1B-B=EC=B9=E8=F8=BE=FD=E1=ED=E9*<em>, </em>italics =EC=B9=E8=
=F8=BE=FD=E1=ED=E9* a _underline

| Maybe a missing "locale" startup option for Zope.
| Run "python z2.py -help". Watch out for the "-L" option.