[Zope] WebDAV Functionality Question

Calvin Hendryx-Parker calvin@sixfeetup.com
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 07:47:51 -0700

> we have webdav connecting on win2k and it works fine. don't get me
> started on mac os 10.1 and its webdav implementation...
> oh all right then! we had problems with copying a file (using webdav) to
> the machines hard disc, doing an edit (in bbedit), then copying it back.
> the file was a dtml method, but when it copies back it becomes a standard
> file -- it looses its zope-ness. this was using the built in mac 10.1
> webdav. if we use goliath (a mac webdav client which is free from
> www.webdav.org), it works! sort it out apple!!

I had the same experience with WebDAV and the Mac OS X until 10.1.5.  The 
latest and greatest seems to work much better for accessing zope via 
WebDAV.  It can now do just about everything I want from opening and saving 
from bbedit.


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