[Zope] permissions ques

Aseem Mohanty aseem@neurobehavioralsystems.com
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 05:37:58 -0700

I wrote a product around a previously written app.. I made most of its 
functions private barring three of them which are public. Now when I try 
to access these public functions from a py-script... I get a 
Unauthorized - cannot use in this context error....

In my product...

    ('View management screens', ['manage_tabs', 'manage_main']),
    ('Change permissions',      ['manage_access',]           ),
    ('Change RC2',              ['manage_edit','manage_test',]),
    ('View RC2',                ['',]                        ),
     ('Use RC2 Encryption',      ['encrypt','decrypt',]        ) # these 
are two of the public functions,
               # I dont use the third outside of ZMI

when I try and call (after loggin in as a normal user in the site) 
encrypt or decrypt I get the error I mentioned above. In my site root 
security settings I have "Use RC2 Encryption" set to "Authenticated".

What am I missing here?? What more do I have to do to be able to use 
these functions??

I can use them in the ZMI when I am testing the product as Manager.


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