[Zope] sending SMS messages from Zope application

Sascha Welter welter@network-ag.com
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 09:17:06 +0200

Wout Tankink wrote:

> I want to send SMS messages (several hundreds every few weeks) from a 
> Zope application.
> Do you know of some way to do this?
> I prefer not to use a SMS service provider, because of the huge step-in 
> costs. So I think about modeming to the SMS gateway of KPN or Vodafone 
> (I am dutch), which I can reach by GSM phone number. I want to send 
> several messages (the same message to several people) in one call.

Hi Wout,

there are a couple of Unix applications that send SMS either via Modem 
to the dial-in submission center of a typical telco provicer, or via GSM 
Modem. You could use an external method to interface to these 
applications. In both cases, the cost is just the connection and telco 
costs, no setup fees.

One I remember out of my head is "SMServer", others are found searching 
for "SMS" on freshmeat. I will have to implement something similar (but 
not from Zope) soon, so I can keep you postet off-list on my experience 
if you want.



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