[Zope] ZODB instead of relational DBMS?

Shane Hathaway shane@zope.com
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 12:39:30 -0400

bernd kulawik wrote:
> Hello Zopistas,
> looking through the literature about Zope I can only 
> find information about using Zope (as a sort of web 
> front-end) together with a relational databases 
> as storage "behind".
 > Does anybody use Zope's own ZODB for storing data?

You're probably right that RDBMS connectivity has been discussed at the 
expense of ZODB.  For the record, ZODB is fabulous.  It lets you forget 
all the details of data storage.  It's highly reliable, scalable, and 
Free.  Choose ZODB over an RDBMS if you can.

> I know a little bit about the limitations ZODB has, 
> but its object-oriented features and a relativ small 
> amount of objects to store (10.000 to
> 20.000) make ZODB look very attractive to me.
> Or has anybody used another OO-DBMS or even an 
> XML-DB like Xindice as data 
> storage system?

I've been involved in a couple of non-Zope ZODB projects, including an 
NNTP server and a genealogy program.  ZODB has done its job well.