[Zope] Unexplained restart on add

Jens Vagelpohl jens@zope.com
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 13:30:16 -0400

there is a known bug in python for (at least) FreeBSD that leads to sudden 
restarts. it has to do with the stack size for threads being too small. 
see this message::



On Thursday, July 11, 2002, at 08:55 , Terry Hancock wrote:

> Hi All,
> By design, I have my development server and production
> server running the same version of Python and Zope.
> However, when I tried to install my newly developed
> product on the production server, I ran into problems,
> despite the fact that I have practiced this several
> times now on the development server which you would
> think would be pretty much the same.
> The problem is that, although the product shows up
> in the product control panel okay, attempting to
> add the main object from the product into a folder
> causes the server to restart (some of the lesser
> objects defined by my product will add without
> problems).
> To make matters worse, it does this without any kind
> of explanation: no traceback, no log messages (other
> than the normal shutdown and restart messages -- which
> proves it *is* logging events).  The browser just
> reports a "refused" error message and visiting the
> control panel shows a short time since the last restart,
> indicating that it restarted. The events log shows
> the regular shutdown and restart events -- exactly
> as if I had clicked on the restart button in the
> control panel.  It's really pretty infuriating!
> Also, frankly I don't know how they get it to restart
> on failures, anyway. My development server doesn't
> do that -- I occasionally get hangs or crashes, but
> never restarts.  Obviously that would be a nice thing to
> be able to do in a production setting, but I don't
> understand how the magic works.
> There are, of course, lots of little differences:
> * I'm running Debian Linux and they are running FreeBSD
>   (I think), though both are Intel architecture and
>   the packages are installed from source. (I'm not
>   using the Debian Zope package, but one downloaded
>   from www.zope.org).
> * I run Zope as a special user, while they have it
>   starting as "root" (which means it should run as
>   "nobody" IIRC).
> * I use the default file-storage, whereas they run ZEO
>   to separate the storage process (I think it still uses
>   file-storage, but from ZEO).  They claim this is
>   faster even though the site isn't replicated.
> * There are some products in their Zope install that
>   aren't in mine -- a hot fix, and some other, apparently
>   unrelated things.
> So -- any ideas about what could cause this other
> Zope instance to restart silently without generating
> any error messages?   Bear in mind that it added without
> incident on another machine running the same version of
> Python and Zope -- it has to be something specific to
> this other Zope setup. A general problem with my product
> would be expected to fail on both machines.
> The only time I saw something at all similar to this
> was a crash (on my development server) which occured
> because a file referenced in a DTMLFile() method didn't
> exist. But that at least reported an IOError in the
> log file, which this isn't doing.
> I'm aware of course, that with such a new product,
> this is most likely something wrong in my product --
> just something that only shows up on certain configurations
> of Zope. What I'm looking for is some way to get more
> error reporting out of Zope so I can figure out what's
> causing the problem.
> Thanks,
> Terry
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