[Zope] Publish static html out of local zope

Uwe Twelker uwe.twelker@eyelikeit.de
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 16:53:44 +0200


I'm new to zope - meaning, I can make folders, users, temaplates and worked
myself through about 80 pages of the manual - and I have the following basic

I have zope running on a local machine and don't have the resources to set
up an online web-server with zope. I have some web-pages for my students
that change kind of daily. They send their results as jpegs - thumbnails and
bigger ones - and I show a page with a weekly overview - thumbnails in a
table with their names and links to their mailto's - and when you click on
the thumbnails, you get a new html-page with the real things.

Well so far I do this by hand. I would like to throw the new jpegs in the
weekly folder, zope looks up who is there and generates the new overview and
the html-pages with the real things - and then I want to have a button to
upload the parsed static html-pages to the online site.

Is that possible? Where is a botton like that? What are the keywords I have
to look for in the manual (I didn't find anything alike!)? Has anybody done
something like that? What do I have forgotten to ask?

Thanks a lot