[Zope] NeoBoard - Stupid Newbie Questions

Philip Kilner phil@xfr.co.uk
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:02:41 +0100

Hi All,

We're currently evaluating Wankyu Choi's NeoBoard product, and are 
having a few problems finding our way around.

The product looks /extremely/ polished, and appears to have the 
functionality we require, but there seems to be no documentation beyond 
a quick HowTo on installation.

When you install the product, you are prompted for user IDs for board 
managers - however, there are no ACLs created in the NeoBoard folder, 
as far as I can see. Should the board managers be in synch with users 
created in the normal way?

When the NeoBoard product is highlighted in the LH "Tree" pane of the 
Zope UI, the product appears in the RH "Body" pane of the Zope UI (at 
/blah/blah/manage_main) - but there is no sign of the standard Zope 
functionality, and no insight into what goes on "inside" NeoBoard. Am I 
seeing what I am supposed to see here?

The functionality seen in the Management UI (at /blah/blah/manage_main) 
/seems/ to be "end user" as opposed to "administrator" functionality - 
am I wrong about this? If so, where /is/ the "end user" view (which I 
would expect to find at /blah/blah/ - implied index_html)? If not, 
where /is/ the management UI? And is it controlled by Zope ACLs, or 
it's own mechanism...or is the user expected to have /already/ 
authenticated with Zope at this point?

As you will have gathered, I am far from having found my bearings with 
this product!

N.B. I have posed this question here - as opposed to on the author's 
bulletin boards - in order to expose the dialogue to the Zope 
community. Since this is a new product, I am hoping that others are 
exploring it right now, as we are...