[Zope] NeoBoard - Stupid Newbie Questions

Aseem Mohanty aseem@neurobehavioralsystems.com
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 04:18:56 -0700

Great product!!
Just a few suggestions regarding the products that would make my life 
eaiser :) (i am just a bit more selfish). I currently use Discus Boards 

Since your board does work under acl_users it would be nice to have :
1. private boards vs public boards
2. acl_user' user/password based posts (not a post based - password)
3. control over who can post (similar to [1])
4. user based email notification / topic subscription (ie users get 
notified of any replies to all of their post, cnetralised notification 
control and users can be notified of any/all posts in a particular topic)
5. Skin/template based look and feel (that would eliminate a newbie like 
me messing around with your DTML or CSS or python code and screwing up)

I think all of the above can probably be done externally (outside of 
Neo) too but being a newbie myself I dont know if that would be good or 
bad (to have these as features of the board or not)


Wankyu Choi wrote:

>Hi Philip,
>Here are some quick answers to your questions. Sorry for the lack of enough documentation. I'm a little too busy working on my own projects.
>1. NeoBoard managers are NOT necessarily Zope managers. You can delegate management authorities to any "legitimate" Zope users under the tree where NeoBoard is created. You can't make non-Zope users NeoBoard managers.
>2. NeoBoard has its own UI for management. It's because you don't want "thousands of messages" hogging the resources of your computer when accessed thru the standard ZMI. As far as I know, ZMI offers little when it comes to dealing with a long list of objects. We're talking about thousands, even tens of thousands of objects here. So I thought better of resorting to ZMI. It'd be a bit stupid to let managers waste their time trying to access NeoBoard message objects thru ZMI. I gave it a try, but I ain't pretty.
>When logged in as NeoBoard manager or Zope manager, you can see "Edit Properties" button just above the message list (along with Batch action buttons at the bottom). As a normal user, you can't see them. Clicking on the button lets you in on the NeoBoard Management UI including the management tabs. Only the "Contents" tab normal to Folderish objects is not visible. 
>You can force the "Contents" tab on a particular message by accessing it thru that particular message's "URL/manage" trick. 
>NeoBoard's messages are Folderish. They can contain other objects, one of which is NeoBoard External File, which holds attachments as objects.
>3. You can manage security of NeoBoard as you would any other products once you logged in as a Zope manager. You should be a Zope manager. NeoBoard managers' authorities stop with NeoBoard managent, no further.
>4. As explained away in what little documentation I provide, NeoBoard is part of a larger project which includes my own customized User Folder. I clipped away that customized User Folder part from the public NeoBoard version since I wanted it to be as accessible as possible to any level of users. 
>When I first started developing in Zope, Zope's user folders (the stock one, and other extended versions) baffled me in that they seemed to have been designed for a small set of users, not even thousands. I have a commercial site which has a 300 thousand-strong user base. Throwing them into any of these User Folders would crash Zope in any minute in one way or another if used for serious user profiling/management. Am I missing something, or does Zope really want the getUserNames() method to return a million records if you have that many users, for example? Please, enlighten me on this if I'm wrong. 
>Anyway, the public version of NeoBoard DOES come under the standard Zope ACLs' control. (I might change the scheme, or throw in options for end users to choose from, though.)
>I'm relatively new to Zope. It's only a month since I started porting NeoBoard from PHP. So please, bear with me if any of the above sounds "really stupid.":-)
>All the best,
>Wankyu Choi
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