[Zope] I don't want WebDav

douwe@oberon.nl douwe@oberon.nl
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:01:05 +0200

>> Is there a way to disable WebDav when downloading word documents? I have
>> script that generates a word document and lets the user then view it/save
>> it. However, when I serve the document, MsWord and Zope will find that
>> can communicate through WebDAV and Word will (sometimes) offer the user
>> save the document on Zope, which won't work because it is generated.

> From: Mike Renfro [mailto:mwr@cae.tntech.edu]On Behalf Of Mike Renfro
> It can be disabled in general by using the -W flag (according to the
> zope-z2.py I have here)
> Adding the flag of "-W -" should disable it. "-W portnumber" would put
> WebDAV on portnumber. I don't know of any way to disable it
> specifically for Word, though.

> From: Chris Withers [mailto:chrisw@nipltd.com]
>...or word will pop up an authentication box (yes, Word, not the browser
;-) so
>it can try and lock the file.
>I have a brutal monkey patch to fix this. Let me know if it would be


Thanks for the reactions. I have been trying the -W - solution, but it did
seem to work. Word doesn't seem to mind (or does it remember the old

So how brutal is your solution, Chris?