[Zope] RFC: ZMI Bookmarks

Oliver Bleutgen myzope@gmx.net
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 21:06:06 +0200

> Oh, I got an idea. Just add somethink like a bookmark manager, with the 
> possibility to import/export bookmarks, analogous to the ZMI's 
> import/export functionality with .zexp files. Importing this file would 
> cause zope to resend the cookies, making it possible to transfer the 
> whole bunch to other browsers.


Make the bookmark manager folderish and let users store these files with 
a custom id/title into the bookmark manager. That way users can group 
bookmarks themselves and decide how they want to do it. And they can 
change to another set of bookmarks with a mouseclick. As these bookmarks 
are in no way security relevant and it's debatable if they really should 
be tied to users, I think it makes no sense to consider bringing a user 
folder into the game.