[Zope] Zope + htdig indexing problem

Tiffany Webb TWebb@ohlone.cc.ca.us
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 12:21:28 -0700


   We are having a problem with htdig indexing Zope documents with 
multiple directory listings from htdig -i -vvv:



At the moment, I am referencing http://dev.ohlone.cc.ca.us/ (Zope) 
http://dev2.website.com/ (Apache/filesystem) in the htdig config 
start_url.  I am using mod_rewrite in http.conf to redirect requests to 
dev.website.com to http://dev.website.com:8080/.  The website functions 
exactly as expected but the indexing is extreme. I assume that this 
issue is associated with the zope rewrite but any info to help resolve 
this would be appreciated.

   I am also posting this to the htdig list hoping to figure out how to 
work around it and what the heck is going on.