[Zope] dtml-tree question

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 21:42:45 +0200

Jack Coates writes:
 > ...
 > The results have been a blank page
Someone else already suggested to use a DTML Method rather than
a DTML Document. Using a DTML Document will result in an empty page.

 > or a syntax error every time.
Then, you have a syntax error, probably in your "branches_expr".

 > These
 > two snippets seem like the most likely to work: can anyone tell me why
 > they don't?
 > <dtml-tree branches_expr="objectItems(['Folder','DTML
 > Document','Image','File'])">
This should be "objectValues" rather than "objectItems".
Otherwise, it looks good.
 > <dtml-var id>
 > </dtml-tree>
 > <dtml-tree branches=objectValues>
 >   <a href="&dtml-tree-item-url;" target=display> &dtml-title_or_id;</a>
 > </dtml-tree>
This, too, should work.