[Zope] OT: WebDAV, WebDrive

peter sabaini sabaini@inode.at
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 23:39:00 +0200

Hi list,

please forgive the off-topic post, this has has nothing todo with Zope 
per se, but since there seem to be some WebDrive users here I thought 
I'd try.

On those occasions when I work under win32 I'd like to get WebDrive to 
connect to Zope, mainly editing with XEmacs. The problem is every so 
often (I havent been able to reproduce this reliable) WebDrive tells me 
it got a 404 Not found when editing an object. Z2.log says WebDrive 
tries to POST to /_vti_bin/ something, which looks FrontPage-ish to me, 
though I configured WD to use WebDAV not FrontPage.

Any clues as to how I should configure this? Or is there a better WebDAV 
  client for win32 out there? Or should I resort to FTP?


ps: platform: windows 2000, zope 2.5.1, webdrive 5.1