[Zope] couple of newbie questions on implementing zope

David Walker dw@pzaz.net
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 12:24:49 -0700

Hello -
I understand that the development of a site can be done on my Windows
workstation, but once it goes live, doesn't the site need to be moved to a
real server? So my ISP would need to have Zope installed, yes?  Seems
obvious but I wanted to check.  ;-)

I'm creating a simple newsletter site and it seems like Zope would be
perfect.  As new articles are written, the old ones need to be moved to an
archive page. If I understand correctly, this procedure would be easy with
Zope. If each article is contained within its own folder, they could be
simply dragged from one location to another using the Zope control panel.
My question is this, if this simple newsletter page has four positions for
articles, how do I control where on the page the articles appear. For
example, the main article would be just below the header and next to the
left navigation.  Can I define a folder for that position using X & Y
coordinates (like I would if I was using DHTML), and then simply drop into
that folder this week's main story?  I hope this makes sense. Please let me
know if my question isn't clear.

Thank you in advance -