[Zope] Disappearing manage_options Tab

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 13:12:43 +0200

Barry Berenberg wrote:

>Did you see me followup response about the problem being browser-specific?
>When I switched to Opera 6.0 from IE 5.0, the tabs worked as expected.
>I did a bit more testing and narrowed it down to IE running on Windows.
>Here's what I tried:
>IE           Zope            Tabs OK?
>-------      ---------       ----------
>Win2K        Win2K           No
>Win2K        MacOSX          No
>MacOSX       Win2K           Yes
>MacOSX       MacOSX          Yes
>Opera on either platform managing Zope on either platform works just fine.

It is probably an authentication problem then.

As far as I remember there was a bug in some version of windows that 
didn't authenticate correctly. (Your authentication data is send with 
each page request) So some things would not show up because Zope 
correctly prohibits unauthorized acces.

Upgrade browser.

regards Max M


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