[Zope] Grabbing an item from a list of tuples

abg@comco-inc.com abg@comco-inc.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 10:33:40 -0500

I am writing a script which returns a list of tuples, like so:

[('http://www.news.com/frontdoor/0-1.html?tag=hd_ts', 'CNET'),
('http://www.news.com/shopping/0-1257.html?tag=hd_ts', 'Price comparisons')]

My question (and it's a dumb one) is: how do I refer to the individual
values within the tuples when iterating through the list?

Here's what I've got so far:

myCount = 0

for elem in p.anchors:
	for elem in elem:
		print myCount, ": ", elem[0:]
		myCount = myCount + 1

Here's what it returns:

0 :  http://www.news.com/frontdoor/0-1.html?tag=hd_ts
1 :  CNET
2 :  http://www.news.com/shopping/0-1257.html?tag=hd_ts
3 :  Price comparisons

How can I specifically reference the urls/titles separately?

Am I making sense?


Aaron Gillette