[Zope] Any good CLI-based tool to suck my Zope site?

EvH edward_van_h@bigfoot.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:55:57 +0200

At 15:53 21/07/2002 -0400, Quentin Smith wrote:
>I don't have time to figure out why wget isn't working for you, however 
>there are 2 ways to export a directory tree. The first is to connect to 
>Zope via ftp (put in localhost:8021 into your ftp client). However, that 
>will get the source of the documents and not their rendered HTML, which is 
>what I suspect you want. If you have a recent version of windows, you can 
>add http://localhost:8080/ as a "Web Folder". Then, Zope will appear in 
>your Network Neighborhood (or My Network Places). Any files you copy out 
>of that location will be complete, rendered documents just as wget would 
>have pulled.

Thx for the tip, but when I double-click on the folder in NetHood, it 
displays the unrendered site, ie. I can objects like standard_html_header 
and such. Anyhow, someone else mentionned a HOWTO on using wget correctly, 
and it worked, so that's fine for the time being, although it'd be nice if 
users could export all or part of a site directly through the ZMI.

Thx again