[Zope] How do _you_ contribute articles to a Zope intranet?

Pieter Biemond prive pieterb@gewis.nl
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 16:41:56 +0200 (CEST)

A sidestep about the IEDocument installation problems:
> Thx much for the tip, but after installing the directory tree under 
> Products/ and restarting Zope, I do see a new product called "IEDocument 
> (Installed product IEDocument (IEDocument 0.0-st)) ", but I don't 
> understand what I'm supposed to do next when Arvid Patyupin says "Import
> Standard.zexp into Zope Products folder. Create a new StandardSite instance 
> and create IEDocument and IEFolder inside it" (still a Zope newbie...).
Hmm, I didn't use the Standard site product at all. Just install
the IEDocument product and you should be able to add an "IEDocument"
from the pulldownbox in the ZMI.  I remember having problems with
the .zexp as well. I can't test anything at the moment unfortuately.

More on the perfect Zope editing environment:
> >I think making a good TTW (throug the web) WYSIWYG editing tool for 
> >HTML-documents in Zope would make it easy for any non-techie user to 
> >contribute to a website. Unfortuately I didn't find any good TTW WYSIWYG 
> >Editor widgets (there is a comprehensive list at:
> >http://www.bris.ac.uk/ISC/cms/ttw.html)
> Personally, I think Notes has it right, especially now that web services 
> can be accessed through XML-RPC or even SOAP. The web browser is really a 
> poor tool to edit content, and should be replaced by a dedicated 
> application instead. There's got to a be way to develop a simple, one-EXE 
> application to access Zope sites through XML-RPC. All the companies at 
> which I worked struggled with a way to let users publish content to the 
> intranet, to the point where even software companies didn't have any 
> intranet (just a shared hard-drive which people would populate with - 
> horror - .DOC, .PPT, and .XLS). If someone comes up with a standard, and 
> simpler alternative to Lotus Notes to build knowledge databases, it'd be a 
> killer app.
I remember some discussion on the ZFC (Zope Fat Client) a while ago,
but I can't find any recent info about it. I found some interesting
stuff at: http://collector.zope.org/Zope3-dev/31
"Paul Everitt and I (Stephan Richter) agree that Zope 3 has to ship at
least with one client that is a little bit more than just HTML"
Looks like Zope3 has some of that...

In the meantime I might start on wrapping up my patches into a Zope
product (I'll wait for 2.6 to be released, before starting playing
with Zope again).


cc: author of IEDocument, zope@zope.org (please reply to the list!)

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