[Zope] LocalFS and adding folders dynamically

Aseem Mohanty aseem@neurobehavioralsystems.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 00:46:06 -0700

I am using a localFS to manage user uploaded files. When a user uploads 
a file I basically create a folder for the user using manage_AddFolder 
to the localFS object and then call manage_upload to upload the file to 
the newly created folder.

The reason I do this is that there doestn seem to be a way to add 
folders to the localFS product using its API. The problem is LocalFS 
security settings dont have Allow Add Folder property and hence unless I 
am manager I cant call manage_AddFolder. I dont want to proxy the 
manager role for the containing folder because I dont want users to be 
(even if accidentally) add folders to the containing folder.

What options do I have?? Is there any way at all to do it??


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