[Zope] Odd module import problem for product

Pierce, Scott Scott.Pierce@Sonopress.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 18:05:35 -0400

Thanks Dieter but I found it.  

For reasons I have yet to figure out, when I scp'ed the entire directory
tree from box 1 to box 2 the Deals __init__.py file did not make the trip.
I don't even know how I caught it but just looking at all of the permissions
and everything within the directory I noted the missing file. 

Funny how the simple things can confound you.


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Pierce, Scott writes:
 > Yeah, I actually have that set but the traceback doesn't tell me much
 > because I know the directory and class exist:
 > ...
 >   File "/export/home/Zope/zope/Products/DigitalDeals/DigitalDeals.py",
 > 31, in ?
 >     from Deals.Deals import Deals
 > ImportError: No module named Deals.Deals
 > This module does exist and works perfectly on a similar setup on a 2nd
 > So, the question is:
 > If an error exist in Deals, would it not show the error or simply the
 > error in the parent?
Where does "Deals/Deals.py" exists? In a folder covered by PYTHONPATH?

   Maybe, your PYTHONPATH is different on the two machines?

Does your "Deals" folder contain an "__init__.py" file?