[Zope] Bizarre, Frustrating Browser-Specific Behavior?

Jo Meder jo@meder.de
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:19:10 +0200

Am 24.07.2002, 06:28 Uhr
	schrub Dan Shafer <pydan@danshafer.com>:

> So is *anyone* else running into this kind of bizarre behavior?

We had some trouble recently with Opera 6.0x (on Linux and Windows)
cutting of large <textarea>-content and inserting seemingly random
binary chars at the end, mostly after heavy editing sessions.

It never happened with any other browser and we're using quite a few
(IE5.x, IE6, NS4.7x, NS6.x, NS7, Mozilla1, w3m) on a regular basis. It
never happened via https, only via http. And yes, we lost a fair amount
of work to this phenomenon, too.


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