[Zope] Bizarre, Frustrating Browser-Specific Behavior?

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:23:27 +0200

Dan Shafer wrote:

> 2. Working in Netscape 6 and/or Mozilla 1.0 on Win2K, I had the same 
> thing happen twice tonight. I edit a PythonScript object, Save 
> Changes, get an error, click the "Back" button, and I'm on the page 
> where that script is supposed to exist but the editing area is 
> completely blank. Browser refresh does nothing. I lose the work.

hmm I have used almost any version of IE from 4.0 and betas of Mozilla 
from 0.6 up until 1.0 and I have never experienced that bogus/erroneous 
text fields are posted. I mostly work with structured text though.

And here you are experiencing it on several platforms.

Could it be that some of the text you are pasting is tripping up a 
parser somewhere ??

What kind of content are you editing in the text fields??

The only time I have experienced something similar is when I have 
mistakenly submitted a form via GET instead of POST and hitting the 
(approximate) limit of 1024 character in the form.

regards Max M


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