Speeding up Zope startup (was: [Zope] Re: Zope digest, Vol 1 #2225 - 6 msgs)

EvH edward_van_h@bigfoot.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:52:14 +0200

Vielen Dank Dieter f=FCr Deine Hilfe!

At 23:27 23/07/2002 +0200, Dieter Maurer <dieter@handshake.de> wrote:
>Do you have lots of ZPT objects?

Er... ZPT are Page Templates, right? Nope, since I'm still learning about=20
DTML, I must have barely a couple of Page Template objects somewhere (just=
test pages, nothing big). I only downloaded the Windows binary for Zope=20
2.5.1, and used the standard configuration. When using Zope on one's=20
personal PC, it's a pain to have to wait 30s until the ZMI is available. I=
know I can start Zope as a service, but since I don't use it everyday, I'd=
rather start it only when needed.

>Alternatively, you can use Zope 2.6. It contains similar  optimizations.

I just checked their web site, but 2.6 is still beta, so I'd rather wait=20
until it is switched to Stable.

Thx much