[Zope] Newbie: One location for SQL-methods site-wide

Thomas Weholt t-weh@online.no
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:27:25 +0200

I got a folder called SQL in the root-folder containing SQL-methods I use
site-wide. I got a DTML-method, taking two parameters, also in the
root-folder I call site-wide using SQL-methods in the mentioned folder. When
I try to use the DTML-method in a DTML-document in a sub-folder I get an
error, saying "global name 'SQL' is not defined". The sub-folder contain a
SQL-folder also, with SQL-methods used in that part of the site.

I call my DTML-method like so in a DTML-document in a subfolder :
<dtml-var expr="dmViewComments(com_object=1, com_object_id=coi)">

The DTML-method dmViewComments in the root-folder look something like this :
<dtml-call "SQL.sqlmViewComments(REQUEST)">
<!-- and then some more code -->

I need a way to store DTML- and SQL-methods in the root-folder and call them
site-wide. Can I somehow make a special folder that makes it contents
available site-wide, while being defined one place for easy maintenance?

Best regards,