[Zope] Bizarre, Frustrating Browser-Specific Behavior?

Dan Shafer pydan@danshafer.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:31:27 -0700

OK, I think I get two messages from all the helpful replies here. Thanks 
again, as always, for the help, list!

First, editing stuff directly in the browser interface to ZMI is not as 
good an idea as I had always thought. That's too bad because it adds 
another level of seams to my development environment, but I will try taking 
the advice of going to an external editor for all my non-trivial Zope 
document editing and see if things improve.

Second, I'm upgrading my Zope instance to 2.5.x. I had stayed with the 
original installation I had at my ISP of 2.3.3 because I was using 
Squishdot for community stuff and it wouldn't run on 2.4 and later, at 
least not reliably from what I gathered. But I'm using Zwikis for 
discussion now and no longer need to support Squishdot, so I'll upgrade and 
see if the problems are reduced.

Thanks again. This list is one of the big reasons I am reluctant to move 
away from Zope, an environment that I truly love 90% of the time!

At 08:08 AM 7/24/2002 -0700, Richard Wesley wrote:
>At 9:28 PM -0700 7/23/02, Dan Shafer wrote:
>>I have been using Zope part-time now for almost a year. I've built some 
>>simple stuff and some moderately complex stuff. Over that time, I've kept 
>>notes about things I didn't understand, deleting those notes as I've 
>>learned more (mostly from this list).
>>But now I'm just at a point where I have to make a decision whether to 
>>make a *big* commitment to Zope over the next year or so on behalf of my 
>>two biggest clients and I'm experiencing some weirdness that gives me a 
>>bit of pause. I'm really looking here for an indication whether these are 
>>things others have encountered as well or whether there might be 
>>something I'm either doing wrong or not understanding.
>>1. Working in IE5 on Macintosh OS X, I often encounter what look for all 
>>the world like corrupted or scrambled files. Python Script objects appear 
>>particularly vulnerable, but I've seen this with DTML docs and methods as 
>>well. The symptom is that some number of letters at the beginning of the 
>>file appear to be replaced by stray and often unprintable characters. 
>>When this happens, the rest of the file becomes scrambled and sometimes 
>>unreadable, always cut off before it ends. I can switch to Windows at 
>>that point, e.g., and open the same file, and all looks normal.
>Editing anything in a browser sucks.  Get BBEdit:  It doesn't suck.
>I know it costs money, but man is it worth it.
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