[Zope] Local Roles via LDAP? NuxUserGroups?

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 23:28:28 +0100

Florent Guillaume wrote:
> > If so, how would one go about giving a group of people that content
> > maintaining role in an area of a site?
> > Hmmm, I guess if I could grant a 'role' the local role in those
> > areas then I could get what I'm after.
> Yes. Have a "ContentMaintainer" role which you give to your users only
> locally.

Yes, but how could I maintain the mapping from role to location in an LDAP
repository? I don't think I can use Local Roles to do that.

Any ideas?

> > Would NuxUSerGroups help in this area at all?
> It depends, see the use cases on its page. If you have a simple setup
> like described above they're probably not needed.

Will check it out when I get a chance...

> > Do they work with LDAPUserFolder?
> No, LDAPUserFolder is not aware of groups. Makina-Corpus however did a
> patch for an older version of LDAPUserFolder, which I still haven't
> gotten around to updating and integrating in the NuxUserGroups
> distribution.
> see http://www.makinacorpus.org/index.php/zope/ldapusergroups

Shame :-S