[Zope] concurrent logins and Zope

Carlo Giomini c.giomini@caspur.it
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 11:19:20 +0200 (MEST)

Hi everybody,
I'd like to know if Zope can keep track of concurrent logins of the same
user and treat them independently.

Let's say user 'foo' connects to a portal and has many tasks to do (at the
same time). He keeps an open browser window for each of them, logging in
from each window (from now on I will call 'session' the whole sequence of
actions issued from the same browser window, starting from login up to

what I'm thinking of is having the possibility to 'isolate' one login from
another (of the same user at the same time) and keep track of each of
these 'sessions' independently from one another: does Zope support this
kind of task some way? I mean does it have internal structures, APIs,
functions etc to do this or do I have to code the whole mechanism from

It's worth noting that the point is not only telling one browser window
from another (the BrowserIdManager fits well here), but also (mostly)
keeping track of every 'session' (group of actions issued from the same
browser by the same user) in parallel with every other. 

Of course the opposite situation could come handy as well: treating all
the requests (issued by the same user) as an unique 'session', without
regard of the browser window these were issued from. 

Any help will be appreciated (also references to source code). Thanks in
advance, cheers,

P.S. With 'keeping track of a session' I mean keeping track of the status 
	of the user related to that session, in some data structure like
	a table, dictionary, etc.