[Zope] small RFC : how to enhance zopistas' web experience

Breuer, Yvon YBreuer@tee.toshiba.de
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 14:25:14 +0200

Good id, but...

> For example I suppose it would be possible, if every webmaster
> agrees, to use the very same LDAP directory, which might be
> replicated for redundancy reasons, to check username+pw when
> an user tries to authenticate.

...I do not agree on the replication part.

I think a new user shouldn't be replicated to the Central Authentication =
A new user should be created directly on this server.

What would you do when the user already exists, but had a different =
password or mail address?
Not allow this user to be created? Change his/her password or mail =
address? Create a second user?

According to me each community member should have 1 user with 1 password =
(name it account if you'd like).

Maybe it would be nice to have the possibility to have 1 mail adress for =
each mailing list.
Just for those who want to keep these mails strictly separated.

--Yvon Breuer