[Zope] Improving CMS Performance: Help Needed

Klaus Herrmann klaus.herrmann@goelz.com
25 Jul 2002 16:02:47 +0300

Hi Folks! 

We have developed a nice CMS ontop of Zope, that dynamically renders
pages (with DTML and a python Product) out of special Components (e.g.
text blocks and headlines). The only bad thing is: The Performance
really sucks.

I experienced that Zope is able to serve ~50 REQUESTs per Second on a
small static page (where apache does 1500-2200), but under heavy DTML-
and Python usage, Zope will only be able to serve ~ 0,5 - 5 pages per
second (depending on how big the page is and how complicated its python

Well, i am aware of the fact that cache managers are able to
dramatically improve performance, but in most cases, our content and
pages are just too dynamic for the application to work w/ enabled cache
(RAM or HTTP or ProxyPass).

Does anyone know some hints how to get more performance out of zope? Any
common Python / DTML routines that cost way too much time? Any
experiances in improving Zope's speed?

System is Zope-2.5.1 on FreeBSD-4-Stable and Python 2.1.3.
Hardware: Tested on Xeon / 1,26GHz / 512MB RAM and Athlon / 850MHz /

Thanks in advance!


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