[Zope] Send folder object from form to script

Kristofer Bengtsson hammok@hotmail.com
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 15:22:51 +0200

How do I send a folder instance from a form to a script? When I test my 
script with this code outside a form its working fine:

<div tal:replace="
Folder']))" />

The script copys Page Templates from a list of folders and adds them to 

Here is part of my form (what kind of Mime should i have?):

  <metal:block tal:repeat="trx batch">
     <tr class="even"
         tal:define="oddrow repeat/trx/odd"
         tal:attributes="class python:test(oddrow, 'even', 'odd')" >

            <input type="checkbox"
                   name="proj:list" value=""
                   tal:attributes="value trx">
-------------------- the trx is the folder i want to send----------

           <a href="" tal:attributes="href trx/absolute_url"

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