[Zope] return structured result from Python scripts for page templates

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 17:46:08 -0400

Use an external method, and return instances of "security-aware" 
classes.  See the section entitled "Class Security Assertions In 
Non-Product Code (External Methods/Python Scripts)" in the Zope 
Developer's Guide Security chapter 

I usually just return a dictionary for this purpose, though.  That's 
really all an instance is anyway if you don't have any methods. ;-)

- C

Nagypal Gabor wrote:
> I tried to create external script, but this does not help. The result is 
> practically the same.
> Anyway, I do not insist on creating objects. I just would like to have a 
> way to return a structured result from a Python script, where I can 
> access the named attributes easily. I have seen an example in a how-to, 
> how to do it with dictionaries and DTML (specifying a "mapping" 
> parameter for dtml-in), but it does not work for page templates (or at 
> least the simple item/attribute notation does not work, and the mapping 
> parameter does not exist in TALES path expressions).
> Gabor
> Max M wrote:
>> Gabor Nagypal wrote:
>>> I would like to return a structured result (an "object") from a 
>>> Python script to use it conveniently in a page template. E.g. I would 
>>> like to have a get_person Python script which gives back a person 
>>> with a name and an address. Then I could use a page template like: 
>> I don't think you can create objects in a Python script. You need to 
>> create an external script for that.
>> Otherwise your code looks dandy.
>> regards Max M
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