[Zope] Re: Speeding up Zope startup

EvH edward_van_h@bigfoot.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 10:15:34 +0200

At 21:19 24/07/2002 +0200, Dieter Maurer <dieter@handshake.de> wrote:
>This is almost surely a DNS problem.

No, I don't think it is, because the Windows host where Zope is running can 
resolve its adresse thanks to a  "hosts" file (of a DNS server when my test 
Linux host is running :-) ), and the part d:\Program 
Files\WebSite>"D:\Program Files\WebSite\bin\python.exe" "D:\Program F
iles\WebSite\z2.py" -D", but at that time, I can hear the hard-disk having 
the time of its life, so I guess Zope is trying to build/rebuild indexes or 

Is anyone else running Zope on a Windows workstation (P3) and witnessing a 
good 30-s delay until Zope is up and running? BTW, I installed Zope on one 
of my brother's PCs (a P2), and it's close to a minute...