Re[2]: [Zope] Problem with SessionData

Андрей Пучин Андрей Пучин
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 11:08:28 +0400

Hello Chris,

If ZOPE is started on 2х to the processor machine, from time to time
contents of Session are lost.
It is possible to put new given, but not to receive old any more.

Probably new value browser_id is created..

Whether situations are known when contents Session are lost??

Variable Session the following:


Friday, July 26, 2002, 1:49:38 AM, you wrote:

CM> I am afraid I do not understand this question.  :-(  Can you maybe spend 
CM> a bit more time trying to explain the problem step-by-step?

CM> Андрей Пучин wrote:
>> Good day!
>> There was a problem with loss SessionData at the manipulation with them
>> from function which it is started in new thread and to which as parameter is 
>> transferred self.REQUEST.
>> In function is called self.REQUEST.SESSION.get().
>> In some cases there is "loss" SessionData or to a browser is given new ID.
>> ZOPE 2.5.1 is running under WinXP on the dual-processor machine.
>> Python 2.1.3.
>> Any assumptions?
>> P.S. This problem arises only by 2-processor machines.

Best regards,